A-Derma laboratory

A-Derma laboratory


A-derma is a dermocosmetic laboratory belonging to the group Pierre Fabre laboratories..


A-derma is the first laboratory has proposed a full range of care based on natural plant active: Oats Rhealba. For 30 years, the plant active ingredient has been carefully selected by researchers of A-derma anti-irritant for its exceptional qualities, restorative and moisturizing.

It is in the southwest of France, which has established its cultures Aderma Oat Rhealba according to the standards of organic farming: no fertilizer, no GMO, no pesticides.


A-derma dermatology is the only laboratory in the world to cultivate oats Rhealba. Dermatological and cosmetic virtues of this plant make the characteristic of the products A-derma. Researchers laboratories A-derma put their knowledge at the service of your skin by meticulous study of Oats Rhealba.


The natural product quality A-derma is recognized by dermatologists as much as by users. They are not guarantees essential oil and dye. A-derma also offer a range of products paraben and fragrance free.


Expertise from A-derma care for atopic and irritated skin earned him special recognition of health professionals.


In 2010, Pierre Fabre is the first European laboratory to receive the label Botanical Expertise (formerly Phytofilière) recognizing their botanical expertise.


Among the many ranges of Aderma, find the range Exomega. The products fall Aderma Exomega of expertise for the care of atopic and very dry skin. Plant assets act to repair and hydrate of your skin. Exomega guarantees care for your skin anti-irritant.