Marque Verte laboratory

Marque Verte laboratory

MARQUE VERTE was created by chemists in Lorraine for other chemists. It defends the values les valeurs upheld by the chemist's shops that is to say : quality, counsel and proximity to patients.


This brand began first to market high quality nappies at prices that cannot be ignored and had a great success ; since then, it has broadened its field of action and its range of product by marketing everyday needs products such as bandages, thermometers, cotton … .To meet customers needs as fully as possible and adapt to consumers' needs, Marque Verte developed the marketing of natural and organic products like the Alum stone.


Marque Verte developed the Petits Prince actions enabling to raise funds in order to allow sick children to make their dreams come true through the association and did the same for the Point Cœur association .


Marque verte products revolve around 3 ranges :

  • the Hygiene and Beauty range
  • the Prevention and Self-diagnosis range
  • the Care range that includes all products that enable you to to soothe, to protect and to repair your skin.