SVR laboratory

SVR laboratory

The SVR laboratories are specialised in cosmetic treatment and medical cosmetology. SVR cosmetic treatments are for dermatologists prescription and in the service of patients.

Story of the laboratories SVR

1962 : Creation of the SVR® laboratories in Simone and Robert Veret's dipensary, in Picardy

SVR today :

A dynamic, independent, human-sized French laboratory.

A laboratory which exports to over 45 countries.

6 activities concentrated at a single site in the Paris region.


SVR products are divided into 3 categories :

  • Dermatological products :

    TOPIALYSE® Skins with atopic tendency

    XÉRIAL® Dry and scaly skins

    LYSALPHA Combination to oily skins


  • Dermo-aesthetic products:

    CHRONOLYS® 1st wrinckles

    SPECILIFT® is a range of anti-ageing care products for people aged 35 and + composed of 3 products

    DENSITIUM® For 45+

    HYDRACID® Dermatological anti-ageing care

    CLAIRIAL® Intense depigmenting care

  • Hygiene and care products:

    PROVEGOL Sensitive skin care

    SVR baby


    XÉRIALINE®Normal to dry skins

    SVR SOINS®Protection et hydratation