Saforelle laboratory

Saforelle laboratory

The SAFORELLE brand was founded in 1989 by two chemists and a doctor who wanted to create products that were effective and respected women's intimacy.

Researches were made so as to find the best components. The virtues of burdock and its active ingredients were discovered. The result was a patent for Burdock Dynaphytols whose effectiveness was crowned with the success of Saforelle.

In fact, these researches resulted in the creation of the first care : the mild cleanser. The effectiveness and the tolerability of the mild cleanser have been proven by numerous tests. Indeed, this care brings the softness you are seeking for womens' intimacy. Prescribed by the medical profession, SAFORELLE products are recognised by all.


The SAFORELLE brand is composed of two ranges : the SAFORELLE range and the SAFORELLE Paediatrics range. Today, the SAFORELLE and SAFORELLE Paediatrics products offer suitable care products for hygiene and daily comfort of sensitve skins and mucous.

  • The SAFORELLE range : was designed to accompany the treatment of irritations and itching of skin and mucous membranes. This range has been expanded and also includes products for hygiene and body care treatment for sensitive skins.
  • The SAFORELLE Paediatrics range : can be used from birth until the child reaches the age of 10. This range is composed of products specially formulated for the fine and fragile child's skin in order to guarantee an optimum tolerance. These products provide softness and protection and can be used occasionally for irritations or itching or on a daily basis to cleanse and soothe child's and baby's sensitive skin.


SAFORELLE quality is assured by :

  • a rigorous formulation : Association of a patented active ingredients and of high-quality components.
  • a quality production : All SAFORELLE products are made by pharmaceutical laboratories which have a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) issued after an inspection. All SAFORELLE products are tested under dermatological control.