Innoxa laboratory

Innoxa laboratory

INNOXA, Number 1 of chemist's make-up

Today, Innoxa offers to women a complete range of quality and natural make-up. Innoxa products are designed to adapt to sensitive eyes and/or lens users. Guaranteed without parabens, phenoxyethanol and allergens, Innoxa quality is ensured by laboratories thanks to rigorous tests run by ophtalmologists and/or dermatologists.



Innoxa laboratory was set up in 1920. The highly successfull first product was the Innoxa cleansing milk that provides perfect tolerance. Thereafter, other products will be successfull, including la crème Nacrée et la crème organique et enfin les Gouttes Bleues (blue eye drops) in 1950.

The Gouttes bleues (Blue eye drops) lotions which are soothing and give a sparkle to the eyes were made with natural products in a double objective : care and beauty. The Gouttes bleues (Blue Eye Drops) have been having a resounding success with women but also with supermodels and this, since 1950.

In the 60's, Innoxa developed its natural and soft ranges for sensitive skins, and introduce new make-up products and nail care, lip care, eye shadows, face care, colour-care …while being always at the cutting edge of current trends. Early 70's, for the first time, Innoxa is develops and creates products in chemist's, and launches « portable make-up» : mini-varnishes, …

Today, thanks to products that still permanently controlled by ophtalmologists and dermatologists, Innoxa continue to offer a high tolerance range of products. Innoxa make-up is adapted to to the most fragile eyes and gather active components for a beauty action and a care action at the same time.


Innoxa requirements :

  • Natural products without parabens, phenoxyethanol and allergens
  • Products Scientifically controlled by eye and skin professionals
  • Products that select active ingredients which are tolerant towards delicate eyes and/or with lenses