Bioderma laboratory

Bioderma laboratory

History and foundations

Created in 1985 and located in Lyon, BIODERMA dermatological laboratory has been developing and marketing dermo-cosmetic products intended for medical prescription and medicinal consultancy, in close cooperation with renowned dermatologists and institutional research centres CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research), INSERM (French Institute of Health and Medical Research), CHU (teaching hospitals), Universities, ...).

Today, BIODERMA is among the most frequently prescribed dermo-cosmetic laboratories by French dermatologists. It became the 1st independent on the French market. Active in more than 70 countries, BIODERMA has undergone major international development. Over the last 5 years, the laboratory's annual average growth has been over 32%.

Since the creation of the laboratory, BIODERMA teams have been basing their actions on 8 fundamental values :

  • commitment : Preferred partner of dermatologists, BIODERMA is committed to developing for them products that meet the needs and requirements of their patients and treating every type of skin, even the more sensitive.
  • expertise : Laboratory entirely dedicated to dermatology, BIODERMA has a total scientific knowledge concerning skin, the cells that make up skin and its relation with the body and mind.
  • innovation : Forerunner at heart, BIODERMA is looking for the more innovative active ingredients and formulate cutting-edge solutions, totally new in their designs, their shapes and their applications.
  • integrity : BIODERMA makes it a point of honour to respect its interlocutors, to act with transparency and to speak its mind clearly.
  • objectivity : BIODERMA considers and looks at all solutions without preconceived ideas. Its only purpose is to find the best solution to dermatologists', chemists' and users' needs.
  • safety : BIODERMA is committed to creating pure products, with components rigorously selected for their extreme tolerance and to ensuring their total traceability for a complete safety.
  • pleasure :Concerned about the well-being of its customers, BIODERMA is committed to creating products that, thanks to their texture, daily provide pleasure and ease of use.

The BIODERMA vision

The fruit of a profound conviction and driven by a will to innovate in the service of healthcare professionals, BIODERMA dermatological laboratory cultivates and proudly promotes its difference.

An innovative scientific approach

Confident that the only palliative approach is insufficient to treat cutaneous imperfections. BIODERMA provides a complete corrective solution to each skin type. By teaching again to the skin how to restore its long-lasting original functioning, we enable it to restore its balance.

A comprehensive understanding of skincare

Each BIODERMA product treats the cause of the problem and its cutaneous symptoms. By offering specific product ranges for each type of skin sensitivity, BIODERMA is committed to a complementary approach where products for care and hygiene, both oral et topical, act in perfect synergy to treat the etiological as well as the symptomatic aspects of problem.

More than 20 years of innovation

BIODERMA's research is performed by a multidisciplinary team made up of highly-qualified scientists and completed by renowned contributors. INSERM (French Institute of Health and Medical Research) and CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) teams specialised in the field of skin care are also our partners in innovation, investigating various aspects of fundamental research for BIODERMA.

This research gave birth to numerous innovations which since became references :

  • the 1st non-detergent shampoo : Nodé Fluide.
  • the 1st cleansing waters : the micellar solutions Créaline H2O (new name sensibio H2O?) and Sébium H2O.
  • the 1st photoprotection fight against UV rays long-term deleterious effects : Photoderm and its Cellular BIOprotection® patent.
  • the 1st skincare that corrects the quality of sebum : Sébium AKN and its patented ingredient Fluidactiv®.
  • the first skincare which acts directly on the main cause of skin redness : Créaline AR and its patent Rosactiv®.