Mela Aura laboratory

Why a specific range ?

The specific characteristics of a black skin require an adapted cosmetological approach. Since 1998, the range MELA’ AURA has been offering a complete range of dermatological care for black and mixed race skins and for frizzy and curled hair.

The cosmetological treatment should take into account these different issues and specific needs :

  • The products have to be very moisturizing in order to better protect skin against external aggressions,
  • The cleansers have to be very mild so as not to aggravate the irritation
  • Hair have to be washed and re-moisturized to compensate the dryness of the scalp and especially of the hair in case of relaxing.

An appropritae treatment may decrease the risk of pigmentary complication and avoid thus the use of harmful depigmenting products.

Specific problems

MELA’ AURA products quality care about the subtle balance of natural herbal substances selected by the research Sinclair Pharma to address the specific problems of black and mixed race skins and frizzy and curled hair :

  • An unstable pigmentation
    The melanocytes produce more melanin in a more pigmented form. This synthesis is sensitive to the smallest trauma.
  • The skin is dehydrated
    The top layer of the black skin, denser, needs a very important air humidity to preserve its cohesion. This makes it more sensitive. The complexion of the skin turns dull, greyish. Diffreences in skin complexion may be seen depending on the areas of the body.

  • Black skin produces more sebum
    In temperates climates and to fight against dehydration, black skin synthesizes sebum in greater quantity. The remaining quantity of sebum on the skin surface is more important and gives a glowing aspect


  • Hairfollicle is delicate
    Subject to modern traumas (hair relaxing, braiding, weaves, curlers), it becomes atrophic.