Advantage laboratory

Advantage laboratory

The specialist of flea control.

Advantage was specially formulated for cats and dogs.
A sélection of anti-parasitic products to protect your pet from fleas because even if it lives in a flat, he can be contaminated. That is why it is important to treat him regularly.

A preventive treatment

A preventive treatment is needed in order to avoid flea infestation. Simple to use, safe and effective ; because even your pet deserves well-being and to be well treated. The treatments offer real safety to your cat or your dog. 

To deal with whatever could be harmful to animal well-being, Advantage products have always been dynamic and innovative to give a real life balance to your animal. He is protected for 4 weeks thanks to the injection of the pipette in the high part of the neck. Fleas get into the hair in order to feed. By biting it, they cause itching and sometimes even certain illnesses. Thanks to the product quick response time, your animal is protected within the following hour and therefore enables to reduce the number of bites and the risk of diseases.

But once the fleas have settled down, you also have to treat your entire animal environment because they breed and flea larvas will infest your home. For that, Advantage thought about creating a product that reduces the risk of reinfestation by eliminating flea larvas prior to their development thanks to its larvicidal property. For a successfull effectiveness, you should consider treating your animal regularly and throughout the year because there are always fleas. Your animal is doubly protected, all the risks are significantly reduced, above all if you frequently give him a treatment. Because even our pets are entitled to a peaceful life without falling sick because of these small harmful insects for them and for their environment.