Puressentiel laboratory


PURESSENTIEL is the laboratory that implements aromatherapy products. Aromatherapy is done thanks to essential oils used for their préventives ou curatives. Essential oils are extracted through natural means (mechanical extraction or steam distillation and penetrate through the skin, the air or ingestion guaranteeing thus high efficiency. The formulas that combine various essential oils are called « complex » enabling thus to benefit from the different actions of each essential oil. Furthermore, these complexes are harmless to man since they do not have any risk of side effect or dosing errors. The complexes of the PURESSENTIEL laboratory are easy to use and have a perfect formulation. The use of essential oils as beauty, well-being and health care have remarkable effects thanks to the very essence.


The EOBBD mention(Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) guaranteeing thus the following points :

  • The exact source of the essential oils (countries or regions and suppliers)
  • The exact botanical nature of the plants used
  • The producing organ
  • The biochemical specificity (depending on the period and harvesting areas)

All these guarantees are validated through a control report detailing all essential oils (composition of products, chromatograms and analyses of the essential oils also enabling to check the purity of the oils).


The PURESSENTIEL laboratory also implemented a quality charter for its products in order to guarantee its consumers quality products but also effective products :

  • Traceability of plants origin
  • EOBBD mention
  • 100 % Pure Oils : They are neither mixed with other essential oils, nor with synthetic ingredients
  • 100 % natural oils (simple distillation or mechanical pressing without additives)
  • 100 % total oils (aromatic ingredients)
  • Not reconstituted, no bleaching agents, unaltered, no peroxide and not deterpenated.


The ranges of products offered by the laboratory meet the needs of any person who wants to take care of his/her health, beauty or well-being as naturally as possible. The different ranges are :

    • The « Complexes » range : association of various essential oils for the whole family
    • The « Expert » range: 32 unit essential oils (bottles of 17 oz or 33 oz).
    • The « Form and beauty massage » range : 6 organic care oils and massage oils
    • The diffusion range : a diffuser with a practical design and a range of blends for air diffusion.