Phyto laboratory


The Phyto laboratory was created by Patrick Alès passionate about plants and hair. He wanted his laboratory to focus on 3 ecological commitments

Respect for the plant world

The laboratory delve deep down into the heart of the plant world to find its care products. Indeed, the laboratory hair care products are composed of plant-based extracts allowing to have a performance which is necessary to reveal hair's beauty while preserving consumers' health thanks to :

  • Alliance between traditional pharmacopoeia and plant complexes
  • Search and selection of the best active molecules
  • Desire to preserve plant biodiversity
  • Exclusive use of plant extracts with renewable resources
  • Extraction processes that preserve the quality of the active ingredients

Respect for hair

The laboratory is commited to protect hair, which is an alive substance, lastingly.

  • PHYTO is a research laboratory managed by scientists
  • Pharmacological researchers check the non-toxicity of the active ingredients contained in the products
  • A close cooperation with the scientists
  • Clinical testing that prove the effectiveness of all laboratory treatments
  • A formula with high plant concentration

Respect for the environment

PHYTO owns laboratories and plants known as « models » regarding environmental protection and respect.

  • The different packaging materials for the products (glass, metal et aluminium) are recyclable and minimise the use of preservatives.
  • Plants extracts are never taken from sensitive natural environments.
  • Manufacturing and processing procedures are « green » that is to say thay are non polluting (heating by natural gas, use of electrical energy coming from windmills and recycled waters).

The laboratory products are divided into three different ranges :

  • Les Essentiels (the must have) : with care treatment for scalp, hair loss, dandruff and lifeless hair.
  • Les Spécifiques (specific treatments) : specific care for each type of hair – dry, very dry, coloured hair, fine hair with no volume, grey and white hair along with baby's hair.
  • Beauty enhancing : for hair to smooth, permanent hair colouring, shampoos avec reflets, phytoplage (suncare range) and styling products such as hair lacquers.