Mustela laboratory

Mustela is part of Expansciences laboratories created in 1950 and leader in Mustela bébés as well as on the products Piasclédine 300. The laboratories proceed to the transformation of the monitoring of the technological, scientific and competitive developments as ideas and then products. The strength of laboratories research Expansciences is guided by two principles : the mastery of development mechanisms of the connective tissue as well as vegetal-based chemistry.

Since its creation, Mustela innovates and anticipate consumers' needs in order to meet all different needs of each consumer. Mustela is the best brand of des products and care for babies' skin, nurslings' skin and expecting mothers' skin.
Mustela brand offers its consumers 4 lines of products:

  • Mustela 9 months
  • Mustela bébé
  • Mustela dermo-pediatrics
  • Mustela sun care


Mustela assets

  • 60 years of expertise and know-how
  • a pioneering approach based on innovation and continuous progress
  • the requirement of a pharmaceutical laboratory
  • a guarantee of safety and effectiveness
  • support to the mothers and professionals for generations


Mustela is a partner of health professionals.

Indeed, a close cooperation has been set up between the brand and the chemists, dermatologists, paediatricians, toxicologists, gynecologists. All products of Mustela brand are sold in chemists' shops and health and beauty stores and are recommended by all health professionals. The brand also communicates thanks to various congresses such as national and international dermatological and paediatrics congresses in order to exchange diifferent views and ideas with professionals. Mustela a su offrir quality products which enable it today to « have earned the trust of the consumers along with that of the various healthcare trades.
To deserve that trust, Mustela is committed to :

  • Constantly innovating to better satisfy the consumers
  • Guaranteeing safety and effectiveness of the products
  • To favour ingredients that are of natural origin
  • Providing a unique sensory pleasure
  • Supporting and accompanying parents and future mums
  • Working together with healthcare professionals
  • To act as an ethical and responsible brand


Mustela values

Mustela defends a set of values especially human rights, labour and environment standards along with fight against corruption.
The brand respects a set of principles regarding sustainable development of which :

  • To preserve the biodiversity
  • To establish a lasting and respectful relationship with suppliers
  • To minimize environmental impacts of the company's activity
  • To develop good managerial practices
  • To limit environmental impact of products packagings
  • To communicate in full transparence with partners.