Manix laboratory

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Since its creation, the MANIX laboratory has relationships with associations that fight against cancer. All of the products manufactured respect the ISO 4074 (2002) standard which allows to ensure the quality of the products from manufacturing to marketing.


CE certified

They should be in particular CE certified and subjected to a series of tests checking that :

  • The size of the condoms are indicated on the packaging and match.
  • The volume and the burst pressure before and after ageing process are adapted
  • The condoms are not pierced
  • The condoms do not have visible defects
  • The packaging and the label are upright


NF Standard

The MANIX laboratory also respects the standard NF on these male latex condoms . This standard requires controls on each batch containing a limited amount of condoms. This standard is one of the more rigorous and allows consumers to be reassured about the quality and the safety of the products.


Your partner in pleasure

Thus, MANIX enjoys a zero defect reputation which is the result of all these series of tests performed by independent scientists of MANIX laboratory. Furthermore, MANIX is the first laboratory to focus on sensation, thinness and pleasure as well. He is also the first to offer the thinnest up-market condoms. Since its creation in 1987, MANIX has been developing and innovating new products that allow customers to have the maximum of pleasure. Furthermore, this laboratory develops different products so as to satisfy all consumers' pleasures through different ranges of condoms, massage gels, lubricating gels, as well as Sex Toys. MANIX enables thus to all single persons or in couples to get pleasure while being protected and safe.