Lierac laboratory


Lierac is a laboratory founded by ALES laboratory. In 1975, the founder of ALES laboratory (Patrick ALES) inserted LIERAC laboratory specialised in cosmetics in ALES laboratory and wanted to develop plant-based products but also to minimize the use of preservatives.

LIERAC was the first laboratory to offer to its consumers dietary supplements with beauty benefits. All LIERAC laboratory products are made of very performing ingredients. Since its creation, LIERAC offers to consumers new ranges of products that combine quality and effectiveness. Indeed, the plants used are examined to the smallest detail to extract the part that contains the highest concentration of active principles and thus offer to consumers products tailored for each type of skin.

Nowadays, LIERAC is the laboratory specialised in phyto-cosmetics enabling to repair all types of damaged skins and for all areas (eye contour, lips, neck …). LIERAC commits to offer to consumers products that are specific to each skin type, to innovate particularly in collaboration with scientists and chemists, to control the effectiveness and the safety of the products with the help of rigorous and strong scientific studies.

This laboratory products are up-market products through their quality but also through their packagings.

LIERAC is constantly seeking to innovate. That is why it created the « dermatological research award » which main objective is to better understand the skin ageing process and its consequences. These researches will enable it to develop products in order to combat the negative effects of this ageing.

Finally, Lierac is also concerned about environment improvement as it isa partner of Eco-Emballages and creates recyclable packaging in order to reduce waste.

LIERAC offers various types of care : basic care products, anti-ageing, anti spot, eye contour but also products allowing hydration, foundations and peels. These care products might be in the form of creams or usual care and in the form of capsules as well.