Akileine Asepta laboratory

Laboratoire Akeleine Asepta

Akileïne is the specialist of foot care products.

Established in the Principality of Monaco, the laboratory was created in 1946 and now owns the most recent advances in cosmetology.
The brand Akiléïne offers 10 different ranges of products :

Akiléïne ligne bleue

Akiléïne blue range :

which main effects are to exfoliate, soften, moisturize and repair your feet. Specially formulated for very dry, damaged feet, in case of calluses, irritation and for a soft skin.

Akiléïne ligne rouge

Akiléïne red range :

Refreshing, relieving, relaxing, soothing and alleviating your feet are the effects of these products. Perfect for tired, hot, irritated, swollen feet et heavy legs.

Akiléïne ligne verte

Akiléïne green range :

To regulate, protect, refresh and deodorize your feet. Too confined in shoes, your feet do not breathe, sweat and smell bad, these products are right for you.

Akiléïne Jambes lourdes

Heavy legs :

It is a specific range of products that will effectively reduce your heavy legs issues. Herbal active ingredients enable to alleviate for an immediate relief. These products will suit you in the following cases : feeling of tiredness, heavy legs, an occupation requiring a standing position, pregnancy, period of heat stress and also when wearing compression stockings. They enable to relax, tone and give them a feeling of lightness.


Akildia :

Specific to the diabetic feet. These products are recommended for a daily foot care, for their well-being and their hygiene. They help to soften the skin, favour healing, refresh and deodorize the foot, restore smoothness, elasticity and softness of your feet.


Onykoleine :

Purifying solution for feet and hands. Protects from microbial attacks, avoids the development of mycoses, fortifies the nail and makes it regrowth easier.


Cicaleïne :

Hands and feet cracks and splits. A restructuring care which helps the healing process, moisturizing effect, relieves the inflammation and soothes the sensation of pain.


Akilenjur :

This cream prevents and treats chilblains and cracks, relieves inflammations, itching and strengthens skin.

Sport Akileïne

Sport Akileïne :

Full range of treatments tailored to the needs of sport and comfort. A foam that soothes bumps and bruises, an antiseptic and deodorant lotion, gel strong heating in the effort to prepare cold weather, skin protection against blisters and irritation.

Akileïne Podoprotection

Akileïne Podoprotection :

To protect his feet from all the indignities, avoiding duplication of toes, pain during walking, the friction of the shoes, calluses. Also, it protects ingrown nails, improves comfort in the shoe and prevents the formation of irritation.