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HERBESAN® – Who are we ?

Developed from the expertise acquired through last century's traditional herb trade, HERBESAN® (from the latin term herbae sanae, meaning herbal remedies) is nowadays a reference brand on the natural « Well-being Solutions» in chemist's shops and health and beauty stores. Just like beauty and healthcare secrets that are passed on from mother to daughter, HERBESAN® has developed its reputation from one generation to the next based on the excellence and the effectiveness of its natural « remedies ». Specialist of dietary supplements for 40 years, HERBESAN® is developing a global approach to plant-based well-being and health and ingredients of natural origin. Digestive disruption ? Lack of energy ? Heavy legs ? Desire for slimness ? … Every one has a solution with HERBESAN® products.


Our values, our ethic, HERBESAN® commits :

  • Naturalness : HERBESAN® The organic spirit of the chemist's) ®
    Strongly inspired by alternative medecines, other methods of treatment such as phytotherapy, nutritherapy and naturopathy, we design and manufacture pharmaceutical-quality dietary supplements formulated with plants and ingredients of natural origin. Why plants ? On one hand, for their gentle and respectful mode of actions on the body and for the bioavailability of their ingredients on the other hand. For some formulations, we use plants and fruits grown in accordance with the rules of organic farming, a serious guarantee on farming methods, another environmental engagement from HERBESAN®. To remain the closest possible to nature, these formulations are guaranteed with no alcohol, no artificial colouring and no preservatives.


  • Quality and effectiveness : HERBESAN® Choosing excellence
    Specialists of plants and natural products, we have complete control over the manufacture of our products, from their formulations design in our research laboratory to their distribution to our customers. We guarantee you permanent monitoring at each stage of manufacture, ISO 9001 certification and pharmaceutical quality for each of our products. In order to get excellent products, we need excellent ingredients. For that, we carefully select our raw materials based on criteria defining quality, origin and content of active ingredients. All the plants that we are using are rigorously controlled and analysed by our quality control laboratory. In our formulations, we prefer plants extracts concentrated in active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Our fluid extracts and plant juices (e.g. : black radish juice) are obtained according to gentle and effective extraction methods (the infusion-décoction for the plants and the cold extraction for the vegetables). In order to get the best possible quality, we are developping rich and complex formulas, combining the virtues of various plants and nutrients. By the way, the effectiveness of some of our products have been tested by external organisations, what is a proof of our results.


  • Research and Innovation : HERBESAN®
    Often pioneers, constantly looking for new plants, an important matter for our team of researchers is to be closer to your concerns and to effectively meet your needs on a daily basis, by developing products ever more effective, practical and natural.


HERBESAN® : naturally !