Kneipp Laboratory

Laboratoire Kneipp

Sebastian KNEIPP became the founder of natural therapies after he cured himself of tuberculosis. Indeed, he examined the therapeutic effect of water along with medicinal substances contained in plants. Nowadays, the significant air pollution which keeps increasing along with stress factors for the human being lead to a strong therapies need in order to improve our environment and feel physically and mentally good.

KNEIPP's Philosophy focuses on human being's health inside and outside his/her body. That philosophy comprend a physical and mental well-being, a physical activity, a healthy diet with natural ingredients together with an equilibrium between the spirit, the soul and the body. Then, Kneipp embodies a balanced life leading to a physical and mental health.


The different elements :

  • Water :

    Enabling self-healing along with improvement of blood circulation.
  • Plants and herbs :

    Have a therapeutic effect that enables health improvement and protection, inner balance and also physical beauty.
  • Physical activity :

    very important to maintain the natural resistance of the human body and mind and body health. Outdoor physical activity is also recommended when stressed and overstrained because it allows to mentally relax. As a general rule, sport enables to increase one's muscle performance, to have a better blood circulation and stimulate the immune system while cleaning out.
  • A healthy and varied diet :

    avoid food high in fat while having meals that make you want to eat. That helps to be in high spirits and la joie de vivre because food is a highly pleasure matter. Kneipp's food products have a balanced ratio between all foods, what enables a personal well-being and optimum form. It plays a key role in a good health.
  • The balance between the body and the spirit :

    Feeling good in one's daily environment, knowing how to relax and doing activities we enjoy. This balance will enable each individual to better resist stress and other external pressures. This balance will also enable the individual to be aware of every thing. The practice of Yoga or meditation will allow to realize and the body and mind harmonization.