Laino Gilbert laboratory

Laboratoire Laino Gilbert

GILBERT laboratory was created in 1904 in Paris and has been evolving since and until now. This laboratory is committed to quality and environment. Indeed, it guarantees consumer's safety, product quality, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the products.


The standards

Furthermore, this laboratory respects 4 standards :

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) : corresponding to the different measures the laboratory is committed to respect during the manufacturing and the packaging of the products.
  • Good Distribution Practices (GDP) : corresponding to the different medicines, storage formalities and distribution by the laboratory.
  • The application of the ISO 13 485 standard : guaranteeing the creation, the production and the marketing of these medicines.
  • The application of the ISO 22 716 standard : guaranteeing Good Manufacturing Practices of cosmetic products.


Environmental commitments

Regarding environmental commitments, GILBERT laboratory is engaged in waste sorting since it recovers and recycles reusable raw materials. The setting up of this system will enable to separate hazardous industriel wastes from non-hazardous industrial wastes. GILBERT laboratory created several brands like LAINO, PHYSIODOSE, LUC et LEA or FEUILLE DE SAULE (1st brand created in 1904).


The brand Laino

The brand LAINO was created in 1953 with glycerin cream. It fulfills several commitments :

  • Efficacy with the implementation of different tests before the marketing and the distribution of these products.
  • Safety : the products are made in a pharmaceutical environmental.
  • Simplicity of the products enabling consumers to have access to LAINO products at affordable prices.
  • Use of natural ingredients
  • Authenticity : the brand Laino offers products with timeless ingredients.

The main ingredients used by the brand are : olive oil, shea butter, apple pulp, water, beeswax, clay, alum stone, Marseille soap (savon de Marseille) and sweet almond oil. LAINO is committed to the fight against cancer since it supports the women's race of Rochambelle. LAINO is a very important partner of this race. Indeed, the brand commercialises different products and donates 20 % of the turnover realised during this event.