LED NOREVA laboratory

Laboratoire Led Noreva

The LED NOREVA laboratory (Laboratoire d’Evolutions Dermatologiques) offers to all its consumers innovative care products suitable for all skin types. It was developed by dermatologists and is one of the pioneer laboratory in the field of dermatological care thanks to the development of dermo-cosmetic skin care by making available a large range of products. LED NOREVA laboratory has been highly successful since its creation 20 years ago.


All products adhere to a rigorous quality charter :

  • Effectiveness :

    All products are subject to efficacy testing and clinical evaluations
  • Skin tolerance :

    The products are high-tolerance guaranteed and also include skin tolerance tests.
  • Quality / safety :

    The plants are ISO certified with strict controls at every step of the manufacturing process but also on the raw materials used for the creation of the products.
  • Fundamental research :

    To provide optimal efficacy taking into account all recommendations issued by the health authorities.


Furthermore,the products are developed and improved based on the latest scientific and medical advances so that the treatment offered are of high quality and meet the needs of the consumers. This laboratory was the first to understand and approach cutaneous homeostasis particularly in skin research and thus to develop dermatological products suited to the needs of the consumers. All products created in this laboratory was subjected to a detailed study in order to create products that are specific to each individual and with special characteristics with the goal of providing a targeted and adapted answer. This system was implemented so the skin can recover its physiological functioning and its natural balance.

LED NOREVA offers various kinds of care to its clientele because its products are adapted to all skin types. Indeed, we can find care products for : dry and reactive skins, anti-ageing skin care, dehydrated skins, skins with imperfections, sun care, dermatological, universal as well as products for intimate hygiene.