Lero laboratory

Laboratoire Léro

LERO laboratory which was created in 1986 implemented a new concept by combining omega-3s with vitamins and des trace elements which purpose is to reorganise the activities of our body cells. Scientific studies enabled to validate this project and to highlight the benefits brought by the omega-3s. The laboratory made therefore available to consumers specific and targeted products. To be more effective, the products of this laboratory must be taken in renewable treatment (if necessary). LERO laboratory products are recognised to be effective, natural but also to have lasting effects on the future. Furthermore, they help to preserve good health and consumers' well-being.

The laboratory has initiated products qualitative studies along the whole chain of production until commercialisation to provide effectiveness and quality of the products.

The products of LERO laboratory have been formulated to help consumers to fight against the decrease of our body natural defences due to environmental and behavioural factors such as stress, pollution, tobacco addiction or even fatigue).

The products commercialised fall into various products categories : well-being, health, slimness and care. They enable to fight against stress, fatigue, joint problems, poor diet, weak natural defences but also to protect against sun exposure, to help to get thinner, to have a best urinary comfort and to revitalise a skin that lacks of firmness and resilience. It also affoers a treatment during pregnancy or when the mother is breastfeeding.