Milical laboratory

Laboratoire Milical

Milical is a slimness brand which has existed for over thirty years and which creates nutrition products for all women who wish to keep their figure and their power of seduction. Milical offers different formulas for all such as diet methods with hyper-protein based recipes, ranges of quick meals, snacks and even drinks. Milical laboratories is diversifying since they also have new ranges of slimming dietary supplements that enable to fight against cellulite, water retention, to specifically burn fat, to stay slim after 45 years old, to keep the stomach flat…


There are thus targeted products for each and in various forms. For instance :

  • the draining slimming ultra is a drink to reconstitute with sweeteners made of fruit-based and plant-based extracts sweeteners. It allows to burn the fat, to enhance the elimination and to prevent water retention. A 10-day treatment is enough Une cure de 10 jours suffit to get the figure you wish back .
  • The 45+ global slimming formula, along with a healthy diet and a physical activity, is intended to burn the fat, to reduce the water stored, to get rid of the abdominal roundnesses for women over 45 years of age. Take two tablets per day for two months.


The latest news!

You can also discover the latest news, 3 special slimness boxes ! To enjoy oneself without feeling guilty, it is now possible !

  • For the greedy ones, the box « Tout-chocolat » in 3 days with bars, creams and drinks.
  • For those who taste everything, the box « Plaisirs variés » in 3 days with creams of vegetables, creams of ceps, chocolate bars, vanilla bars…
  • To limit the effects of excess, the box « Protéines et Son d’avoine 5 jours » (Proteins and Oat bran 5 days) is available for you, all you need to accompany your diet while keeping your figure.

You can presently find out more on our website Santédiscount, or on the site Milical itself which also offers nutrition advices in addition. Available in chemist's shops and health and beauty stores.