Phytosun Aroms

Phytosun Aroms laboratoire

PHYTOSUN AROMS labratories were created more than 20 years ago and offer consumers E.O.B.B.D. (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) quality oils, Vegetable Oils and Aromatic hydrolats.

They are leaders in the sector thanks to the commitment of chemists and doctors to offer consumers quality and safe products.

In order to meet consumers' needs, PHYTOSUN AROMS laboratories launched several ranges of products : Esculape (in 1990), Phoebus, Demeter, Kiné +, Complexes for Diffusors, Aromatic baths as well as Aroma light bulbs. All natural ingredients extracted from plants are part of a traceability system giving thus a guarantee to the consumers. Furthermore, the origin of each essential oil is indicated on the packaging. All essential oils are quality guaranteed thanks to the experience and diversity of PHYTOSUN AROMS. The pharmaceutical production site uses Good Manufacturing practices (GMP) as well as the quality assurance process.

Furthermore, the consumers are assured of security thanks to the ECOCERT certification which guarantees the rigorous respect of the technical specifications applied on the products.

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment method using scents employed by the most ancient civilisations. This treatment method allows to rebalance the human body physically and mentally. The essential oils used are extracted from plants and produced by the plants epidermis. The essential oils do not contain protein, lipid, sugar, minerals, and vitamins. It is essential to respect the directions for use as well as the indicated dosages for eqch essential oil.

Indeed, there are three possible ways of absorbtion :

  • Orally : some essential oils might be absorbed in form of drops.
  • Through skin : Other essential oils might be used directly on the skin as a massage, a friction or used as a compress. They can also be used in the bath mixed with an emulsifier.
  • By diffusion : by using an adapted diffusor or by pouring some drops on a handkerchief. The diffusion enables to to clean and purify the atmosphere of a room. Essential oils which contain phenol or ketone cannot be used by this this method.