Preven's Paris laboratoire

The brand PREVEN’S was born from the desire to combine the very best in cosmetics and the very best in skin care to offer consumers a collection of top products, in particular thanks to a in-depth expertise in the beauty and skin care science.

PREVEN’S is a leader brand in cosmetic care products thanks to our experience in the fields of chemist's shops and health and beauty stores. For better traceability and quality products, the brand PREVEN’S manufature its products in France. The brand defends certain values, in particular the consumer's respect but also biodiversity. In fact, nature is PREVEN’S source of inspiration, it allowed the creation of PREVEN’S wipes that are 100 % biodegradable. The brand is commited to bringing out the ntural properties of eco-sourced raw materials, creating packaging with low material usage, promoting recycling and materials reclamation and harmonising well-being and the environment.

PREVEN’S offers his consumers 3 top collections :

  • Cosmetic wipes that are 100 % biodegradable :
    Antiseptic wipes allow to clean hands without soap, or water leaving a feeling of freshness and of cleanliness.

    Make-up removing wipes in order to tone and moisturize the skin enabling thus to give suppleness and elasticity back to dry skins.

    Deodorant wipes to refresh oneself at any time of day. Alcohol and aluminium free so as to respect the natural balance of the skin.

    Intimate wipes for eliminating light odours

    Refreshing wipes to clean the skin in one gesture and give a feeling of freshness and well-being throughout the day.

  • The summer collection : that offers self tanning wipes and salt removing skin cleansing wipes that allow to easily remove the sand.

  • The gel collection : that commercialises hydro-alcoholic gels free from artificial colourings to disinfect hands in order to reduce the risk of contamination