Lift' Argan

Laboratoire Lift Argan


LIFT ARGAN is the first brand to develop cosmetic care for women, using the same ingredient, the organic argan oil and not to incorporate any synthetic ingredient that may be dangerous. The properties of this oil are anti-ageing, moisturizing and revitalizing for the skin. It prevents the skin from drying-out, therefore fighting the appearance of wrinkles but also helps restoring the hydrolipidic film. All the products are made up of vitamin E which protects the skin against ageing.


LIFT ARGAN is committed to performing different quality and efficacy tests on the products before they are marketed. All products perfumes and textures are examined and undergo tests as well in order to offer consumers products with a pleasant texture and perfume so as to take care of one's skin. The laboratory also ensures the transparency of the information particularly the summary of the INCI card with the aim of introducing consumers to products components as well as to the quantity of argan oil incorporated in the products.


In fact, LIFT ARGAN products respect a specific charter, 95 % of the ingredients contained in the products are of natural origin, these active ingredients have proven and recognised efficacy, no raw material that may be hazardous is introduced in the products, the products do not contain animal origin ingredients (except beehive products) and they are guaranteed without parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates and synthetic colourings.


LIFT ARGAN is an eco-responsible brand, 100 % organic-certified since it is committed to the NGO « Terre et Humanité » that acts for the food self-sufficiency of Morrocan farmers. It is also a member of the association1 % pour la planète and donates to the latter 1 % of its sales. Well, LIFT ARGAN is Cosmébio labelled for its respect of the environment.


LIFT ARGAN provides to its consumers a wide range of care products for all skin types. The ranges of products offered are focused on moisturizers and anti-ageing care.


Today, LIFT ARGAN created a special range for women aged from 35 to 45 years old.