LRN laboratory

LAboratoire LRN

LRN laboratory (Laboratoire de Recherche Nutraceutique) Nutraceutical Research Laboratory is at the cutting edge of nutrition research and seeks innovation on a daily basis so as to offer consumers natural, effective, and harmful products for health created for the consumers to stay healthy and provide solutions to the maximum of pains.


All these laboratory products are recognised as 100% of natural efficacy because they respect human physiology and the environment. Le Laboratoire de Recherche Nutraceutique(Nutraceutical Research Laboratory) guarantees a charter of high safety with products that are100 % of natural origin, with no OGM, no gelatine, no preservatives, no side effects, and active ingredients rigorously selected for their effectiveness and their safety.


Furthermore, all the dietary supplements are in accordance with European laws, especially the directive 2002/46/CE. All the products are made in France what allows to keep track of them. The products offered by the Laboratoire de Recherche Nutraceutique (the Nutraceutical Research Laboratory) are Uniform and Uniform grossesse that enable to fight against urinary infections, Prostaform composed of natural active ingredients to relieve and decongest the prostate as well as Mémoire Vive in order to maintain one's memory and intellectual capacity.