Mavala laboratory

Laboratoire Mavala

The company MAVALA was founded in Switzerland in 1958. Since its creation, it has never ceased evolving and growing since in 1969, he founded its frist manicure vocational school in England, in 1994 this school worked in collaboration with several French schools. Today, this company has four subsidiaries : France, Germany, England and United States of America. It has various MAVALA products distribution networks in more than 110 countries.


Nowadays, MAVALA laboratories are recognised around the world as highly performant. Indeed, the laboratory focuses on innovation and excellence in order to offer consumers specific products.


The laboratory offers different kinds of care and beauty products :

  • Nails care and beauty : a complete line of products to allievate all nail concerns the consumer can have.
  • Hand care and beauty : the laboratory innovates because it is the first to offer products based on active ingredients.
  • Face care and beauty : the laboratory was able to combine science and nature on all products of this range.
  • Eye contour and lashes care and beauty : these products were developed by Mavala from 1967 with the line EYE-LITE
  • Foot care and beauty : The laboratory wanting to innovate,took advantage of its skills and experience to create this line composed of several complementary products.
  • Hair and body care and beauty : Mavala laboratories invented a light and vigorous toilet water as well as mild shampoos and refined oils for hair and body with exotic perfumes.


In addition to these care products, Mavala is also known for its make-up range, its novelty is the nail varnish Show Time for a glittering, dazzling and spectacular result !