Neutrogena laboratory

Laboratoire Neutrogena

The brand Neutrogena is part of the Jonhson & Jonhson group and is a brand of trust recognised by its consumers thanks to its quality and to the mildness of the products. In fact, this one developed a relation with dermatologists and is distributed today in over 70 countries.

This brand was created in 1930 by Stolaroff under the name of Natone specialised in cosmetic products and toiletries. The name Neutrogena is first given to a mild soap, that is rinsed easily and quickly because its PH is neutral and is similar to the water's. In order to stand out from competitors, the founder decides to launch this soap onto the market because it is the only one to have such a quality. The name Neutrogena was then given to the brand starting from 1962.

Llyod Costen (director of the company starting from 1966) decided to introduce his products to the medical profession, what enabled the brand Neutrogena to be in close collaboration with dermatologists. In order to develop quality products suitable for sensitive skins, the brand made constant research efforts. Since its creation, the brand philosophy is to develop quality products in collaboration with dermatologists.

The Norwegian formula was created from the hand cream which idea arose during the second world war and created in 1978 in France. It is thanks to this hand cream that the brand Neutrogena became famous in France.

Starting from 2003, the brand became available in hypermarkets and supermarkets with two specialised ranges for face care : Visibly Clear for the young skin as well as Deep Clean for adult skin care. In 2005, it became the top brand for young skins in France.

The four ranges offered by the brand are the following :

  • Hand care : with care products for dry to very dry hands and targeted care products
  • Lip care : with care products for dry lips and very dry lips
  • Foot care : with care products for very dry or damaged feet, targeted care products and anti perspirants
  • Body care : with care products for dry and sensitive skins, for very dry and irritated skins and for all skin types.