Novartis laboratory

Laboratoire Novartis


Novartis is the world leader offering to consumers medicines that enable them to preserve their health, cure the sick as well as to improve their well-being. The primary objective of the brand is to discover, develop and commercialise innovative products to cure, relieve pain and improve the quality of life. It is based on the numerous and different consumers' needs hence the permanent adaptation of the characteristics of the market which is characterised by a growing demand for innovative products.


The brand's objectives are to be recognised as a brand that offers products that enhance consumers' quality of life, that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. The use of innovative technologies is preferred but also the employees's ambitions are achievable in a dynamic work environment.


The strategy adopted is the following :

  • Invest in research and development so as to offer new innovative medicines
  • To reinforce Sandoz activities in the generics to offer cheaper treatments.
  • To intensify its activities (among OTC –self-prescription- animal health and pharmaceutical health).
  • To continue the development of the centre « Vaccines and diagnostics » by stepping up prevention.


The brand is responsible for its activities on the following plans :

  • Economic with personal obligations, discrimination, conflicts of interest, corruption, promotional products and gifts, the code of conduct compliies with the UN Global Compact principles : human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • Environmental : the brand commits itself to control the use of natural resources for the good of the group and of future generations. Sustainable development applies to the brand business management and is one of its strategies.
  • Societal by discovering, manufacturing and distributing high quality products enabling to meet medical needs. The brand also wants to reduce inequalities in acces to medicines between rich countries and and poorer ones. It provides products, releases funds and is involved through other support measures.


The brand Novartis established an external ethics committee that supervises the research of human stem cells.