Nutreov Physcience laboratory

Laboratoire Nutreov

The Nutreov laboratory contributes to maintain your health and your well-being by providing you the best of science and nature. In order to best meet customer's expectations and to satisfy them, reasearchers put in place processes and innovating formulas. This laboratory specialist in food supplements for over 10 years has been offering a complete range of products with natural active ingredients.


All Nutreov laboratory products comply with the following quality charter :

  • Naturality : all products are composed of selected plants extracts concentrated in active molecules enabling thus action optimization by association between different components. The products are guaranteed to be natural and GMO free.
  • Quality : All our laboratory suppliers are selected depending on the raw materials used as well as quality controls throughout the manufacturing process. Manufacturing in accordance with food processing and pharmaceutical industry. All of our products comply with French and European regulations in force.
  • Effectiveness : Scientific studies conducted under medical supervison are made in order to check and validate the efficacy of the products. De même, choices of active ingredient and their proportion are made on the basis of proven and recognised scientific studies.
  • Innovation : the researchers and scientists in collaboration with health professionals (doctors, chemists, nutritionists…) are constantly developing exclusive and complete innovating formulas to meet the consumers' evolving needs. The selection of raw materials is based on providing maximum tolerance, bioavailability and stability.


The laboratory offers the following ranges :

  • Slimness : targeted slimming, express slimness, silhouette 45-50, accompanied slimness
  • Health : menopause, vitality, immunity, joints, sleep, cramps, detox, stress, digestion (transit accelerator, balanced digestion), gynecology (urinary discomfort)
  • Beauty : hair care, skin beauty and sun