Onagrine laboratory

The Onagrine brand was created in 1981. The Onagrine laboratories choose the active ingredients of plants and carry the molecules selected by these plants to the needs of the human skin. The laboratories can thus extract the active ingredients of the plants allowing to protect and restore the skin.

The professor Guidicelli also contributes to the researches of Onagrine laboratories in particular with its work on the adipocytes functioning and control mechanisms allowing thus the creation of the patented anti-ageing onaphyline. Indeed, this one restores the cutaneous barrier and strengthens the different natural protection mechanisms of the skin in order to counter dehydration and external aggressions, to reenergise communication between the cells so as to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It also plumps up wrinckles.

This anti-ageing complex significantly reduces the following various parameters of the wrinckles after 28 days :

  • Wrinckle area : - 30 %
  • Wrinckle total length : - 30 %
  • Total number of wrinckles : - 26 %
  • Main wrinckle depth : - 15 %


The laboratories are also interested in all plants that developed natural systems of biological defence that enable them to withstand various and often difficult environmental conditions. Scientific studies have demonstrated a similarity in adjustment mechanisms between these plants and human. This allowed thus laboratories to find inspiration to meet the different consumers' needs by including their active ingredients in high performant formulas.


All Onagrine products are scientifically tested to assure these consumers an expert assessment in natural origin cosmetology. The laboratories fulfills the honesty and transparency commitment thanks to the possibility for all consumers to consult all studies carried out on the products.


The laboratories offer thus the following different ranges :

  • Daily care (Cleansing water with evening primrose oil, extrême Ona-hydratant)
  • Prevention anti-ageing skin care (Extrême Défense, extrême jeunesse, extrême jeunesse eye contour)
  • Anti-ageing care (anti-ageing day cream with onaphyline, anti-ageing night cream with onaphyline, anti-ageing eye contour with onaphyline).