Ortis laboratory

Laboratoire Ortis

ORTIS laboratories use the benefits of plants to ensure human well-being. They are recognised for their effective and original products. This method has been used since antiquity. Nowadays, the laboratories are more comfortable using natural products dans la composition des médicaments plutôt que des ingrédients chimiques. La science moderne permet to better understand the mechanisms of action, the possibilities as well as the limitations in the use of plants. For more than 50 years, ORTIS laboratories have been offering consumers effective, sure and quality formulas. All the product formulas are controlled so as to always better maintain customers' health. The purpose of ORTIS is to satisfy the consumers through the services and the laboratories products.

All products of ORTIS laboratories comply with the legislation of dietary supplements. a self-checking system has also been implemented to benefit from an optimum food safety.

Ecology is an integral part of ORTIS philosophy while protecting the environment. In fact, the laboratories have reduced their energy consumption, recycle the delivery boxes and use biodegradable detergents and disinfectants. Furthermore, since 2002, wastewater are treated by a sewage treatment plant allowing to have a quality water. Preventive systems have ben set up in order to reduce the impact of the laboratories activity on the environment.

The laboratories are subjected to various controls and testing so as to guarantee an optimum quality for the commercialised product.

The team of scientists offer formulas that respect the effectiveness, the safe use as well as the ease of use. These formulas are then laboratory tested and stability tests are then conducted in order to verify the efctiveness of the product. The laboratories innovate as much as possible in order to offer consumers products that best meet their needs.

The laboratories bank on the transparency of information importance for consumers so that they can choose the products that are best suited to their needs.

The laboratories created a garden open to the public in order to better know the plants categorised under topics or by directions for use. Thus, visitors can follow the itinerary of the medicinal plants, from nature to the finished product.