Plante System laboratory

Plante System

The dermatological laboratory PLANTE SYSTEM is a subsidiary of ARKOPHARMA laboratories. Since its creation, the laboratory studies and develops products that come from a large number of plants. Thus, it sets up an alliance between its knowledge of plants and its experience to serve cosmetics and skin health. The PLANTE SYSTEM laboratory has its own research and development laboratory enabling thus to offer consumers products that are ever more innovative, creative ideas and to offer quality products.

The laboratory was awarded two trophies :

  • The « Caducée d’or » (golden caduceus) of creativity thanks to its phyto and dermo-cosmetic care range (in March 2002).
  • The 2006 face care « Oscar » in the dermopharmaceutical field (May 2006).

The laboratory PLANTE SYSTEM defends different values in particular the products manufacture that meets current cosmetic standards, but also plants extracts obtained from the supercritical CO2 extraction enabling thus to have pure active components and a great selection when choosing plants active ingredients, a unique process. Indeed, this extraction method enables to give the plant all its properties back not using any chemicals solvents. The complex obtained by extraction and whic excludes any polluting residue, allows to to fully act on the skin. The active ingredients are not denatured because they are processed at low temperature. This enables the obtaining of 100 % natural extracts. This extraction is considered to be organic.

Thanks to the P.E.S. (Plant Extract System) the laboratory sets itself apart from its competitors by its originality. In fact, the P.E.S. Is an exclusive blend of pure active ingredients which gives the skin its protective and regenerating properties. This complex is is formulated with olive tree extracts (with its anti-elastase and and antioxidant action), sea buckthorn extracts (with its tissue-regenerating action) as well as green tea extracts (with its anti-free radicals action). Thus, the P.E.S. protects skin from external aggressions like pollution, it also enables to rebuild the cutaneous barrier while giving the skin its protective role back.